Publication of Thames & Hudson new book

 "Lives of the Great Gardeners"

New publication in Architectural Digest USA


New publication in Vogue Living

Philosopher Gardener

Fernando Caruncho lecture in NYC

Madoo In Manhattan, The Third Annual Robert Dash Garden Design Lecture,
With Fernando Caruncho as guest speaker.

Isola Bella

Completed the First Phase Project

Presentation of the Jardines de Pereda. Botín Foundation

On July 22, 2014, it took place the official opening of the Gardens of Pereda

Completion of Project Implementation in Greece.

Last summer of 2015 the work of the project located in Porto Heli, Greece concluded.

Completion of the project implementation in Montalcino

Last summer of 2014 the work of the project located in Montalccino, Siena, Italy concluded.

Beginning of the last phase of the project in Lugano.

Last summer of 2015, the work of implementation of the last phase of the project auction located in Lugano, Switzerland started.