Reflections of Paradise:
The Gardens of Fernando Caruncho

«The much-anticipated comprehensive survey of one of the world’s most acclaimed landscape garden designers, famous for his extraordinarily sophisticated use of light and geometry in nature.»

Rizzoli, NY

Caruncho sees the garden as a mirror of the universe: I Strive to arrange a space that invites reflection and inquiry by allowing the light to delineate geometries, perspectives and symmetries

Guy Cooper and Gordon Taylor

His use of light is one of the most remarkable features of his work. Light, he believes, makes the languages of geometry intelligible.

Kirsty Fergusson

The design of the landscape should not be a superficial reordering of natural elements merely to delight the eye. There is a larger and greater order, and I feel confident that Fernando Caruncho is one man who is able to listen to his voice with his heart and translate it to the land with his mind.

Dan Kiley

I admired his work beyond measure. It seemed to combine a feeling for landscape, gardens, spirituality and philosophy that was immediately exciting and inspiring. He had that magic that transcended the merely attractive or interested. This was art.

Monty Don


Formado como Filósofo y Jardinero, Fernando Caruncho comenzó su actividad profesional hace 40 años, habiendo realizado proyectos de carácter publico y privado en todo el mundo. Sus dos hijos, Fernando y Pedro, se han unido recientemente al estudio. Formados como arquitectos, encarnan una nueva generación criada en los jardines y educada en la gran importancia de la conexión entre paisaje, jardín, arquitectura y hombre.