"The design of the landscape should not be a superficial reordering of natural elements merely to delight the eye. There is a larger and greater order, and I feel confident that Fernando Caruncho is one man who is able to listen to his voice with his heart and translate it to the land with his mind."
Dan Kiley, Landscape architect US - National Medal of Arts

"His use of light is one of the most remarkable features of his work. Light, he believes, makes the languages of geometry intelligible."
Kirsty Fergusson

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Forty years ago Fernando Caruncho & Asociados began his national and international garden activity. Along his trajectory, he has always been characterized for designing architecture together with the landscape and so getting a great synergy between both of them, with the result of a project which works unitarily showing all its potential.

After forty years of experience, Caruncho Garden & Architecture, incorporates Fernando and Pedro Caruncho to the studio. A new generation that was raised and educated in gardens, who integrates a new perspective over the world of architecture, inspired by the aim of joining man to nature, reaching the beauty through garden, landscape and architecture as a union.

We believe it is the moment for a change in the world of architecture. Our aim is to return man to nature, designing our architecture with the starting point of the garden.

With this selection, we want to show some of our designs from these past years. Our architecture is always a consequence of the garden, and its connection with the landscape. This way, it obtains a complete integration of the architecture within the Spirit of the Place, to whom we believe we owe ourselves. There are examples of light-architecture, where we include our kiosks that are pavilions in the garden, and architecture grafted in the garden.

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Fernando Caruncho is a Spanish landscape designer; he started his Philosophy studies in the Autónoma University in Madrid in 1975.

Throughout his studies, he discovered the world of gardens and, starting in 1978, he combined his philosophy studies with gardening and landscape design at the "Castillo de Batres" School in Madrid.

He continuously deepens in his understanding of both fields, which are present in all of his projects.


His Mediterranean background made him understand that the eastern and western are two complementary worlds. From his admiration to both cultures, Fernando Caruncho learned to use geometry as a universal language and its application to the landscape.

Through the last 34 years, he has worked on various public and private gardens,including "La Terraza de los Laureles" at the Madrid Botanical Garden.
His professional activity has led him to various international projects in France, Italy, United States, New Zealand and Japan.His works are published in national and international publications
Part of his works were compiled in a monograph published by e Monacelli Press in New York under the title of Mirrors of Paradise: the Gardens of Fernando Caruncho, written by Guy Cooper and Gordon Taylor.

Currently, he is working on a new book about his latest projects.


Publication of Thames & Hudson new book

 "Lives of the Great Gardeners"

New publication in Architectural Digest USA


New publication in Vogue Living

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"I admired his work beyond measure. It seemed to combine a feeling for landscape, gardens, spirituality and philosophy that was immediately exciting and inspiring. He had that magic that transcended the merely attractive or interested. This was art."
Monty Don

"Caruncho sees the garden as a mirror of the universe: I Strive to arrange a space that invites reflection and inquiry by allowing the light to delineate geometries, perspectives and symmetries"
Guy Cooper and Gordon Taylor


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"At first glance, the hypnotic curves of Amastuola seem uncharacteristic of Caruncho. He is a master of the right angle, of near impossible planes and monochromatic environments...but the vineyard...combines an allegiance to straight lines with an organic impulse...visually you have the shock of the grid against the waves"
Nancy Hass

"La mayoría de los jardines de Fernando Caruncho no están abiertos a los visitantes, lo que finalmente está muy bien: tenemos tiempo para ver cómo dejará una huella sin igual en la nueva creación de jardines mediterráneos en las próximas décadas."
Jean Paul Pigeat